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Shaping an idea from vision to execution

design-buildThe design-build process is one that can potentially bring great value to an owner – as long as it is done right. And one of our strengths is that we offer clients Design-Build project delivery solutions that simplifies and accelerates the building process. DDG’s Design-Build approach allows our skilled team to work better with an open collaborative approach, interacting to develop plans, specifications, preliminary budgets, and schedules.

Our comprehensive Design-Build services are designed to:

  • improve interaction between us and our clients
  • increase accountability from concept to completion
  • establish a single source for project delivery
  • clearly define responsibilities

Our Design-Build process delivers you a total package, from design phase through construction completion with a single point of reference.
Choosing the right team

So much of a design-build project hinges on the expertise of the team members. Our relationships and network with top talent in development, design, and construction enables us to assemble a design-build team that has the right mix of skills and meets the specific requirements of each project.

design-build2Our construction professionals add value to the design process by providing input on construct-ability, budgeting, cost control, and logistics.
From design to build

When we begin construction, our team transfers their understanding of the project to the field, operating with a full knowledge of goals, technical details, and key issues, so that the vision for the project reflected in the design is executed flawlessly during construction.