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Putting sustainability into practice

“Green” is in these days, and DDG has made a consistent effort working with owners and architects to implement green and sustainable projects. Our green/sustainable construction services include:

  • Concept planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-construction services
  • First-cost evaluation for lifecycle analysis
  • Cost/benefit LEED credit strategies
  • Construction management and consulting
  • Materials and equipment procurement
  • Development, financing, and turnkey delivery
  • Construction and/or design-build delivery

An active role

green-build2We do not follow LEED certification requirements for the sake of a press release, and we do not simply implement the sustainable elements specified by others.

To us, “environmental responsibility” means taking initiative. This means re-thinking every aspect of our business, from auditing our use of office supplies to rethinking how we dispose of construction waste. We have seen first-hand the environmental benefit of using recycled or regionally produced materials. That is why we have programs in place to maximize the use of these products on all of our projects.

Green community

Community service is a big part of who we are both as a company and as individuals. As part of these efforts, many of our employees make improving the environment a priority.

So whether it is building the next LEED Platinum certified structure, recycling jobsite construction materials, or picking up trash with fellow volunteers at a local park, we are making strides in large and small ways to protect our natural resources for the next generation.