Construction Management


DDG Constructions Inc’s construction management approach ensures that the collaboration among contractor, design team and owner creates effective controls. DDG Constructions Inc offers greater control of your project by providing a full range of services to aid our clients during the pre-construction phase through building completion. These services include project planning, scheduling, estimating, quality management, contract administration, and safety management.


The Right Start means a Superior End Product

Beyond these, DDG Constructions Inc provides value engineering throughout the entire project (not just during the design phase) to help our clients lower their costs. DDG Constructions Inc’s value engineering process includes identifying alternative and more cost-effective materials. It means establishing, maintaining and updating budgets, and requires our deep understanding of your project and the industry.

DDG Constructions Inc offers an interdisciplinary solution-based approached to the construction process. This allows us to work together with design consultants, financial planners and other professionals to assure your project success.


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